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Wanbao (26-8-06)

Wanbao (26-8-06)
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Thanks HW for sending this in. I spoke to SPCA to find out what is happening with this case and they've contacted the newspapers to ask the owner to please call them.

My Mandarin isn't the best but from what I understand there is someone throwing darts at cats at Hougang Street 22. This man's pet cat got hit in the eye, and they suspect someone, but the person denied it.


Anonymous Moglee said...

Arrow is considered illegal weapon if it is used with the intention to hurt. The Uncle may want to make a police report. I believe the police will take an interest to this case because it involves a dangerous weapon.

28/8/06 1:00 PM  
Anonymous moglee said...

Sorry! I thought it was an arrow. Annoymous mentioned it was a home made stick/dart.

Hmmm....what is with these people hurting cats?

28/8/06 1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe cat abuse has always been prevalent. It's just given more media coverage these days. I am optimistic that on a fundamental level, this reflects a growing sentiment that such behaviour is undesirable and cannot be condoned. Also, an increased social awareness is a good thing. These reports give the abused cats a voice within the community.

28/8/06 2:43 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous I agree - abuse has always been around. It is increased awareness and willingness on the part of people to come forward and act that is making the difference.

28/8/06 2:59 PM  
Anonymous HW said...

Yeap, hopefully by exposing this story in the media, i.e. newspaper, would actually prevent those people from "darting" the cats again...

In this case, I am actually thinking that family per say might not be an "all out cat abuser" or something, sounds more like eccentric old couple or people who just hates cats or animals in the 1st place and don't want them to near their house.

In this case, I think it is probably pretty easy to stop them from "darting" again, just telling them their act is a crime and punishable by law, i.e. going to jail.

Now that the SPCA is informed and involved also, I hope the case can be monitored for a while to see how it goes...

Again, cat owners, do keep your beloved pet INDOORS, AT HOME!! Even if they like to roam about in the neighbourhood!!


28/8/06 4:40 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

HW - it might be children, or someone who's annoyed with the cats and trying to get rid of them. Hopefully as you said, it may help to stop the abuse now.

28/8/06 4:47 PM  
Anonymous mei zhen said...

Couldn't be kids I guess. In the article, it says that on 22nd Aug, this man was watching his cat playing downstairs and he saw his cat running near an old man who was watering his plants. Then this old man looked into his own house and pointed at this cat. After which a middle age woman walked out from the house and use a rubber tube with a home made dart inside, aim at the cat and blow the dart out. This dart hitted the cat and the cat owner yelled and rushed down trying to reason with that family. But when he got down, the old man and that middle age woman ran into the house and locked up the door. The reporter tried to ask this family about this incident but this family denied doing such act.

28/8/06 5:59 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Mei Zhen you're right - I did read that in the papers. It could be more than one person though (though I hope not!).

SPCA has gone down and left a message with the resident that the reporter spoke with.

28/8/06 6:04 PM  
Anonymous HW said...

Like I said guys, sometimes these kind of very "wu liao" and sicko older generation who thinks kicking or hitting an animal is ok, one way is, as soon as you tell them you will call the police immediately somehow, they are afraid of the law and/or deal with the police, so let them know very clearly what they are doing can land them in jail, get fine and loose a lot of money!!

This should be able to stop them from futher abusive acts.

Sometimes these people they just act as if they are the "king of the world" (wu fa wu tian) like no laws whatever can hold them, well, let them "see the light", or the real law! Once they know they may go to jail because of this, they will be like turtles and retreat back to their house! Hopefully!!


29/8/06 1:35 AM  
Blogger vegancat said...

How's the cat now? Is there anyway for us to convey our concern and support to him?

29/8/06 9:17 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I believe the cat is fine. Deirdre from SPCA spoke with the family yesterday.

29/8/06 9:28 AM  
Anonymous belle said...

the owner shouldnt let the cat run around outside, shd try keep it indoors ... cats can encounter all sorts of danger outside, from vehicles to attack-dogs to abusers ....

i think cases of animal abuse shd also be reported in wanbao & new paper (& not just straits times) so more readers are aware ...

30/8/06 12:30 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Hi Belle - normally if we put out a press release, we'll let all the papers know. I'm not sure what others do. However, some papers may not wish to run the story. For others like the New Paper, because the story comes out in the afternoon, if it's published in a morning paper or papers, they may not find it newsworth (or vice versa for all the morning papers).

Certain papers may also find some stories are not so interesting to their readers, so they may not run the story.

30/8/06 2:16 PM  

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