Monday, September 18, 2006

"Caregivers end up cleaning othre peoples' mess too" (Today 18-9-06)

Letter I sent in.

We refer to Mr John Ang's letter. Responsible feeding is part of what every responsible caregiver practices.

However, there are some people who will not listen and whom the caregivers wish to stop as much as Mr Ang does.

Their actions dirty the environment, making it unpleasant for the people, and downright dangerous for the cats who get blamed for it and killed as a result.

Mr Ang might also like to know that in general, cats bury their defecation. As such, the excrement he sees may not be left by community cats.

Many caregivers already do pick up after the mess left by others and we are often told, much of it is litter left by a minority of irresponsible people.

Soft drink cans and soiled sanitary napkins are some of the things that have been found. Perhaps Mr Ang can also help out.

Being a civic-minded jogger who goes around the estate and notices the litter, perhaps he can help to look out for, and pick up litter - whethre it be of the human or animal variety.

Working together is the best way to keep the environment clean.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Dawn, the 6th paragraph is really lovely, thanks! hope this john ang jumps-up his rooftop right now hahaha

18/9/06 10:35 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

anonymous - I just hope he picks up the litter, or at least stops complaining other people don't! :)

18/9/06 10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dunno whether it was intended or the result of editing but it sounds as if u are asking him to pick up the soiled sanitary napkins! LOL!

18/9/06 10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am anonymous 1 - so what if it is intended, that's why I said "hurray!" we need not be so considerate for ppl such as john ang cos in the first place, he was inconsiderate enough to ask others to pick-up shits just because he wants to enjoy his jog. By all means, get a jogging machine & jog at home & he will not need to worry that he will step onto kow-sai!

18/9/06 10:57 AM  
Anonymous why said...

my cats are also laughing with me..

18/9/06 11:31 AM  

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