Thursday, September 14, 2006

Getting involved in your Community

One thing you might want to consider doing is getting actively involved in your community - and not just in terms of the cats. If you live in an estate with an RC, a management committee or a residents' association, it's a good idea to try and join up. A few of our volunteers are grassroot leaders - and that helps them when dealing with the cats too. Firstly, it allows the other grassroot leaders to know more about the situation - right now, it's not surprising that some grassroot leaders have a negative impression of the cats and their caregivers. Their only contact with cats or their feeders is when they get complaints, or when they see the effects of ghost feeders who have been leaving food around. If they are more aware that there is a right way and wrong way of managing the cats, and that there is a proper system that can be put into place, they are more likely to be inclined to view the cats and their caregivers more kindly. Again it's about education.

Secondly, it lets the other grassroot leaders to get to know YOU better - and of course, when they know you as a person, that definitely helps. If you are logical, calm and have a plan of action, they'll realise that you can be trusted to take care of the situation. Some RCs, MCs and estate committees I know have even started a cat sub-committee and entrusted it to caregivers. Imagine - instead of having the RC looking at you as if you are a nuisance, you could have them helping you and on your side. Wouldn't that be great?


Anonymous catlover said...

sounds like Dawn had been reading quite a fair bit of Sun Tze's "Art of War" and applying them in a modern context..
this particular one i s called "know your "enemies" well, a hundred battles, a hundred wins"

14/9/06 12:00 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Actually I haven't! Must go read it up :)

14/9/06 1:20 PM  

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