Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I only want the solution I want to hear

You know I write about complainants who don't want to listen to reason and will keep asking for another solution because the solutions you have given is not the solution they want. So all the different things you throw up are just not what they want to hear.

The same thing also happens of course for feeders. I just spoke with one who lives in a condo. She mentioned she had called me a few months ago. At the time I asked her about setting up a programme but she kept insisting her condo was anti-cat. It turns out there is only one sterilised cat there and another cat just came in and gave birth, so she wants to know what to do with the kittens.

I told her that it still comes down to setting up a programme because if not, new cats are going to have to be handled if she removes these. I said I highly doubted there was only one cat in the entire estate - more cats must be coming in and perhaps she just didn't know about it. The management knows she feeds some cats (two of which were killed) and they are okay with it but she doesn't want to approach them officially, because they all 'hate cats'. She asked if I could believe that they kept count of the cats on the estate and I told her that I would be surprised if they DIDN'T. She also said people complain and the MC will react - and I told her that of course they will, but it's about making sure she is able to help with complaints.

I told her that one condo we worked with started off fining people who fed the cats and now have a cat cafe programme. I asked her what how much more 'anti-cat' that could be. I said the main thing was there was a programme. Then she said she is the only person there, they must have more support, etc. I told her it was essentially two or three people who wanted to set up a TNRM programme. She said she was the only one. She could not go against all the anti-cat people herself, etc. I told we would be happy to go with her and see her management if she liked.

Then she said that was the long term and she was worried about right now. She is worried about the kittens. She wants someone to take them. She says she cannot leave them there as she saw a little boy trying to do something to them but she won't mention it to the Management committee because otherwise they'll notice the cats. She did go over however and scold the little boy and his mother.

I explained we only have three or four fosters and they're full. Since she insists they cannot stay, I suggested putting them up for adoption and that she could foster them in the meantime. She said she is not single and unmarried and has 20 cats and children she cannot take anymore in. I suggested boarding if she is very keen. She says she is not keen on this. Then she said adoption is not an option because they're not socialised.

So basically what she wanted was that CWS would take the cats off her so she can continue to complain about her management and neighbours, while we handle her feral kittens, socialise them and get them adopted out for her. Unfortunately as I did not provide this solution to her, she said there was no solution given.


Blogger koratmao said...

at the point of conversation, i think she's desperate to be heard and can't filter in any suggested options but holding on to her solution's the only way. lets hope her compassion for kitties (which looks overwhelmingly genuine) will talk her into adopting some of your solutions offered. Hope she is not feeling too much alone in this worthy cat-salvation.

27/9/06 11:42 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

You may be right Koratmao. Some people though fix it in their mind that everyone is anti-cat. This is as damaging as someone who has fixed it in their mind that every cat is bad. We need to stop looking at generalisations and trying to work with the people.

27/9/06 11:45 AM  

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