Friday, September 29, 2006

"I want a reply within three days"

While most potential adopters and fosters are by and large very nice and polite, some people are quite demanding. I had someone who wrote in this morning and gave me her name, but said I was to address her as Ms. so-and-so and then proceeded to mention in her email how much it cost her father to buy her a pedigree cat, where it was imported from, and how people had asked her to pay for sterilisation but she wanted to go to her own vet. I told her we have no issues with whichever vet she wants to go to, but she needs to sterilise the cat.

The adoption volunteer said she got an email from someone saying that she had not yet gotten a reply from the foster. She wrote in again to say she expected a reply from the foster within three days. Faster then some town councils! :)

Working through accounts now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

im beginning to feel sorry for the pedigree cat. poor cat.

and to only address her as Ms so-and-so: wah seh, of china peasant stock but want to act like some royalty, huh?

29/9/06 6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha well I have seen such people in Pets Forum. Claimed that CWS is lousy, the people all not helpful, want to adopt cat and asked for specific cat but no reply from CWS etc... So unprofessional.... and this is coming from someone who has more than 7 cats already!

29/9/06 11:39 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Sometimes the thing is that fosters don't WANT to give their cats to some of these people who write in repeatedly. I do know the adoption team responds to every email - unless it's one of those people who write in and ask for several cats one after the other. Some people have supermarket checklists of cats they want and one list sometimes follows another!

30/9/06 12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Almost every email is answered & usually within 12 hrs. If the adopter writes in repeatedly and chances of any cat going to a good home is poor, the first email is answered and the rest ignored.
To ignore a reasonable adoption request is to deprive a cat of a possible good home.
If more than 2 persons have complained about an adopter (not of abuse), the adopter is still kept on for "desperate" cases - a home is still a home with food for a while....
Genuine adopters could pick up a kitten of their choice from the streets. However, the adopters will have to clean the kitten up, deworm, deflea and sterilise if necessary. It will take a little more time than typing a complaint.

30/9/06 7:22 PM  

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