Monday, September 18, 2006

Litter Awareness if part of wider social responsibility (Today, 18-9-06)

Since the letters seem to get meshed together in the text version, here's the two letters that were printed out today.

Letter by Tan Chek Wee.

Many cat caregivers like myself are as upset as Mr John Ang ("Cat-feeders, please clean up too", Sept 15) about the mess left behind by irresponsible cat feeders.

Many, if not most, cat caregivers are aware of the danger of irresponsible cat feeding to the lives of cats — who have been caught by pest controllers to be killed following complaints from the public of leftover food.

Hence, they will speak to feeders whenever they chance upon them, to clean up. Cat caregivers who are responsible in feeding cats do not get noticed or appreciated, precisely because their acts are "invisible".

However, littering from cat feeding is part and parcel of our general lack of social responsibility. You will notice that the overwhelming type of litter is directly human-related.

Therefore, may I extend Mr Ang's call to all residents to pick all types of litter as we walk about this island.


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