Thursday, September 28, 2006


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I just got back a short while ago from a mediation. Several neighbours had complained about the residents in a flat having a lot of cats and that the smell was terrible.

I went by and the smell was not too bad, but I understand from another neighbour the TC went by to wash the place, and she thinks that they took their cats and dumped them in the park downstairs (the park in the photo).

It seems that every time there is a complaint, they'll dump the cats in the park. The cats then mate, breed and proliferate. In addition, they come down and leave food all over the place.

At first most of the residents wanted the cats removed, but when I explained that if they were sterilised and managed, they would not cause a problem, all were okay. One resident said that the TC should remove the cats - his friend said they had come and there were still a lot of cats so removal wasn't helping. Both agreed sterilisation would be a good idea.

Now let's hope the resident with the cats calls me.


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