Friday, September 29, 2006

Telling different stories to different people

I just got a call from a feeder who said the clinic was going to charge her the full rate for sterilisations. Of course she wanted us to call for her right now. She said she had a 'special arrangement' with the clinic and she did not know why they were not giving her the special rate. She said that this had been the case for a long time and she did not know why they were giving her trouble. The clinic asked her to get CWS to call for her.

I told her that we had no knowledge of any special arrangement. I said that we have been booking slots through CATSNIP for more than a year and everyone has to do that.

She called and said the people she's sterilising for cannot get the special rate, they're poor, etc. I called the clinic to find out what happened. Apparently the clinic has been telling them repeatedly they need to go through CWS, but she has ignored them. She told them she's an old member and can get special privileges according to the clinic.

The clinic gave her a final warning on Wednesday and the same thing happened again today. I told the clinic I was fine with them charging her the full rate, but they said they would give her this last chance.

I called the feeder and she said this was a complicated system, having to call and book first through CWS. I told her there were many other people who needed slots and she could not jump queue like this. She expressed surprise that so many other people were sterilising (which has always been the case with this feeder).

She claimed someone did not have to book and I told her EVERYONE had to book through the system if they want the cheaper rate. She claimed the clinic had never told her about this. She did have the CATSNIP number though.


Blogger cat_aunty said...

Sigh. Silly lady. The heart is at the right place but I just hate people who think they are entitled to SPECIAL PREVILEGES for whatever stupid reasons. We are a democratic society, queue up ok.

29/9/06 7:26 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Couldn't have put it better myself.

What is worrying of course is that the vet may get fed up with people all claiming different privileges that they may decide not to help CWS out - and that means everyone will suffer.

29/9/06 8:43 PM  

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