Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cat burying

Cat burying
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I went to another mediation after the one with the black and white cat. The complaint was similar - that someone was feeding the cat upstairs and they were defecating around.

I managed to speak with the feeder and she insisted it was the 'corridor' cat but no one else on the corridor seemed to be very happy with it. The feeder claimed the woman opposite was feeding, but the woman opposite said the cat was defecating. Another man I spoke with said that the feeder had not sterilised and the cats had given birth several times. Yet another complainant said that the woman liked to wash the defecation down the staircase and it was outside her house. Another person told me they had adopted a kitten from her and they kept their cat inside now all the time.

What was interesting was that NONE of the neighbours asked that the cats be taken away. When I explained sterilisation, they were receptive. One had never complained because she didn't want the cat taken away. Another didn't know they would be taken away - she kept insisting they were lives and should not be taken away, but she did not know whom to turn to. She had spoken directly to the feeder and the feeder had scolded her.

I told the feeder that she had to feed them downstairs, and to get them sterilised, but she insisted they were not 'her' cats so why should she? I left her all the information and told her how much it cost and she said she'd think about it. She also said she might stop feeding - which is what so many people say when you ask them to please just feed downstairs. Apparently either the HDB or TC has also paid this woman a visit in the past.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sigh... I wonder why people bother to feed when they are not interested in the welfare of their charges anyway...

25/10/06 1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somehow this just shows that the affection for cats is present but the "secret love" has been shown in strange ways like feeding in unsuitable places to the displeasure of some residents.

Perhaps if a pilot scheme could be tried out where cats are legally allowed in certain blocks of flats - max of 1 cat per flat, could it work?

Of course that block of cat-owning residents have to attend a responsible ownership class - no roaming cats and cats have show proof of sterilisation.

That is not to say community cats are not allowed. The void deck could accommodate a certain no of sterilised community cats.

Dreaming lah ... but it would be nice.

25/10/06 2:18 PM  
Anonymous jacky said...

: ) They feed strays and they dont sterilize them do not mean they are not bothered in one way or another. Maybe they dont have extra cash to do so? Maybe they dont have time to go to vet for sterilization?

25/10/06 2:58 PM  
Blogger san said...

Yes sometimes they care a lot but have no money to neuter or even to bring the cats to the vet. The feeder in my area is very concerned for her cats. She is old and she has taken a job washing coffee cups so she could get some money to feed her cats. Since I can feed her cats only on some days, she has since fed them (and clean up) in the afternoons and also when she gets home from work.

25/10/06 6:14 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous - we suggested a pilot project and got the support from the CDC, but the HDB turned us down.

Jacky - it's not just the fact they don't sterilise, but the fact that they have been TOLD that the cats have been complained about and that the cats will be taken away and killed because they are feeding in an area causing inconvenience to their neighbours. If they were bothered, wouldn't they at the very least change their feeding spot? Why would they then say they don't want to feed anymore? Caring for the cats? Or just making themselves happy by feeding?

25/10/06 7:18 PM  
Blogger vegancat said...

I think there are different "levels" of feeders and/or caregivers. I do know of aunties (not too educated) who are able to see the welfare of the community cats from a wider perspective and will find resources to get the cats sterilized. There are also aunties who can't be bothered but will whine when "their" cats are caught.
I used "aunties" as I haven't spoken to any feeding uncles in my estate yet.
I think a solution is for TC and RC to accept that feeding of cats cannot be stopped, no matter what prohibiting posters are put on the notice boards, and then set up rules on responsible feedings.

25/10/06 8:03 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Well said, Vegancat!

25/10/06 11:01 PM  

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