Friday, October 13, 2006

Cat Toy in corridor

Cat Toy in corridor
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Last stop of the day - there were complaints about two different units in this block. One belonged to the person living here who wasn't in when I took this photo. The complaint is that he feeds a lot of community cats - he told me that the cats are sterilised, and when I first walked by, the door was open, but I didn't see any cats. When I went by later though and spoke with him, the cats started peeking out and running into the corridor.

I asked him to please keep the cats in. He said that he would cane them when they tried to go up- but only one does, or so he claims. I noticed someone had wired up the plants and even a child's playset on the floor above. He said that he would cane any cat that ran up - and he brandised a cane.

I told him that if there were more complaints, they might round up the cats. He blamed the number of cats on cats being abandoned there and said there was nothing more he could do. I asked him to please just stop the cats from running upstairs. I asked if he would consider fencing up the door but he was not keen.

Another person on the eighth floor apparently also feeds. One of the flats had the smell of cat urine but no one was home. I left a note.


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