Monday, October 30, 2006

Complaint? Dump!

I just spoke to a caregiver who spoke to this woman with many cats in her house. The woman has apparently had several complaints because the smell is bad - something the caregiver said was true. She has gone by to help her clean the woman's house, and also offered to sterilise the cats so the number wouldn't keep growing. However the woman does not contact the caregiver in time and everytime the caregiver goes by, there seem to be MORE cats being born.

The TC told me there was a complainant and I let the caregiver know. The caregiver took some unsterilised cats home to get them done, but the woman did not know what to do with the others in her home. The woman decided to leave the cats downstairs as she is worried because of the complaints. The caregiver reckons at least they are sterilised this time around.

I told the caregiver she may not be able to help this woman if she continues to do this. The woman asks for food, but won't even let the caregiver know when to get the cats need to be sterilised - even though the caregiver is the one paying for it.


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