Friday, October 20, 2006

Feeding cats upstairs

I spoke to this woman today. Due to her frequent complaints, the TC went down and one of the feeders called back but complained the cat still went up. I told the officer it would not switch its feeding spot right away, but that the cat would so eventually.

The officer said that they have decided to send in pest control to trap the unsterilised cats there. I spoke with the woman who complained and told her this and she said, oh that's quite sad. I asked if she did not want the cats caught - she said she would leave it up to us. This is the woman who was asking (and she STILL was asking) that we come down and regularly speak with the feeders, but when it comes to removing the cat, she does not want the responsibility. I told her that this is what happens when one complains, the cats are removed. I said I would tell the TC for her that she thought it was 'quite sad'. Not that it's going to help the cats in the area . I don't think any of them are going to die happily, realising she feels a little bad they're being killed.

I agree that cats should ideally not be going upstairs at all - and sadly, the feeders are really to blame in the vast majority of cases. You feed upstairs, and the cat WILL GO UPSTAIRS. It's not rocket science. I've just been given another two or three complaints about cats being fed upstairs and hence defecating upstairs.

If people stopped feeding cats upstairs, or letting their pet cats roam, the number of complaints would drop drastically. I think at least 90% of complaints I deal with are about this.


Blogger Mary said...

Dawn, is it ok to disclose the location?

20/10/06 3:54 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

This is in AMK - but in an area with no caregivers. There are however a few people feeding the cats - one of whom would not open the door (but whom I left flyers for) and one of whom I spoke to, and who said the cat was her friend's cat and she would pass the message on to keep the cat in.

20/10/06 3:55 PM  

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