Friday, October 13, 2006

Food in corridor again

Food in corridor again
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I come by these blocks so often I should move in here. I went by after the case with the 'attack cat'.

Again, the same complaint - feeding in the corridor on the second floor. This time however, the TC was able to isolate the unit, and I spoke with the feeder. He claims the cat follows him home. I asked if he can keep the cat in, but he says it would be bored in the day. I asked if he can feed downstairs, but he says that the cat will surely follow him upstairs. I asked if he can not leave food out and he said that the cat would go hungry.

He did however agree to try in the end. He also complained about his neighbour's constantly complaining to the TC. As I was leaving, I saw him taking both cat and food into his flat.

Another person being complained about called on the phone. He said he could not keep the cat in because it is shedding a lot. As a result, the cat wanders around the 10th floor and defecates. He agreed to try and see if he can convince his fellow feeder to feed the cat downstairs.


Anonymous belle said...

these ppl who say they can't keep cats inside their flats should -

1) sterilise the cat so that it won't wander out to find mates

2) use a litter tray so it won't go defecate outside the neighbour's flat ... ofcos they must be prepared to spend some money on cat-litter

3) if the cat sheds, use the good ole broom or vacuum cleaner to tidy up the place ...

4) play with/talk to the cat so it won't feel bored ...

its all a matter of being diligent, disciplined, and having room for the cat in their home & heart ...

anyway they're only going to keep 1 cat right ? not 20 ... shouldnt be too much work, one cat :-p

14/10/06 9:24 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Belle - and perhaps keeping an eye on the cat when it IS out, and to make sure the neighbours are really fine with it.

14/10/06 11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the cat does not offend the neighbours, i am sure the neighbours do not mind a cat strolling by once in a while. It is only when there is repeated urination and defecation at the common areas that would make others upset. If cat owners could keep cats indoors almost 100% of the time, there should not be a problem.

15/10/06 12:09 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - few neighbours object to the cat just because there IS a cat. Most are irritated when they constantly see defecation.

15/10/06 12:13 AM  

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