Friday, October 27, 2006

I have information and I'm not sharing it

Email and the website are down again. We have written to our website server to ask why it has been crashing so much of late. If you need to get us in a hurry, you can contact us temporarily at If not, your email will be answered once we get it.

Just spoke to two town council officers this morning. One said there is a woman complaining of defecation outside her unit. She said it is very 'obvious' so she won't give her unit number or the unit number of the complainant. I told the officer that this is a waste of everyone's time, and that clearly she has information she is withholding when she could save everyone the trouble of looking around. I asked him if we can speak to her but of course she wants to remain anonymous. He said he will speak with her again.

This woman apparently does not want to cause problems by speaking with the neighbour - but apparently ratting on them to the town council is NOT causing them problems.


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