Monday, October 30, 2006

Keeping the cat in

I went by to a second mediation and spoke to the complainant. I then went down and had a word with the person who was being complained about. He immediately said he had a cat. I explained that neighbours were complaining and that he should please keep the cat in. He agreed and said he would do that as he did not realise there was a problem. I sincerely hope he will really do it, instead of just saying that he will. If the man is really receptive (and he gave me his number quite freely) then if the neighbour had just spoken with him directly, this would have been easily resolved.

Stopped by this house again. I didn't see the cat but I did see a plate of food, most of which was eaten, and containers of cat food. No one answered this time, so I left a note again. I did check on another of the units - no food outside today. Here's hoping they stop feeding outside.


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