Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Letters in the online Forum

Thanks Otterman for sending this in :-

Nice letter - and the blog even got a mention in this letter.

Also a nice letter by a 12 year old!


Blogger Cat said...

A wise girl. If only more people can see the wisdom of her argument.

31/10/06 11:05 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Good to see that young people are getting so socially aware too!

31/10/06 11:14 AM  
Anonymous HW said...

One of these (future) days when someone powerful, will say I find that car an eyesore and should have it removed, or tell it to the lady saying, I think I am fearful of you, so you should be removed. Ha ha ha...

Dr. Tan's letter nailed it to the point about this "disturbing growing trend" of people, who cares more about themselves than others around them.

These are probably the same people you will see trying to rush into a bus or MRT train without queing, or display their "upmost kiasu-nism spirit" in public without fail.


31/10/06 11:18 AM  

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