Monday, October 23, 2006

Mediation volunteers

Heading out for a mediation now.

We had a meeting on Friday night and one thing we discussed was how we need volunteers just to mediate. This would be for people mediating in their OWN neighbourhoods and hence if there was a problem say in AMK or Pasir Ris, the mediation volunteer there would go down and look into it. This person might not be doing Trapping or feeding actively because this might give them less time. However, if they can do the Mediations, they could help out even in areas where there are no volunteers, but where the problems can be quite easily solved - ie speaking to someone who likes to let their cat wander, or someone who feeds irresponsibly.

Of course we would have training sessions for these volunteers, and they need to be people who will keep calm, and who are above 21 in general. It is also good to mediate in pairs and of course the more people in an area, the better. If you have time to help out with ad hoc volunteering events (though they normally must be dealt with fairly quickly), have an even temper and don't mind travelling within your area, Mediation would be perfect for you.


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