Wednesday, October 25, 2006


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I just spoke with the complainant whose house I stopped by on Monday. She asked me how I knew which unit was hers and I told her it was quite obvious - it may not be so clear from the photo, but she had a plastic sheet across her door and there are mothballs on the floor. At first glance, I thought someone had put Mentos there!

At any rate, I explained that there were at least three people feeding within four floors in her staircase. She asked how the people feeding reacted. I said one of them was quite angry and asked why no one did anything when one of his neighbours liked to let their dog urinate on the wall outside his house. He said he could complain but he didn't want to make an issue. I think he wondered why his neighbour could not just speak with him. As I was distributing flyers, I saw him trooping up and door the corridor and staircase trying to find out whom complained.

The complainant said that she did not know it was this man for sure, but as I said to her, she had given me his unit number. I said there was no need to accuse him, but it was a good idea to just speak with him as a neighbour in general, rather then call in third parties. She said that if she KNEW it was him, she would have spoken with him, as she had spoken to another woman who lived on a lower floor.

She also asked me about the ethnicity of the feeders and was very taken aback when I told her one of the families was Chinese.


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