Friday, October 20, 2006

Now THAT was confusing!

Now THAT was confusing!
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Michelle and I went for a mediation after that. We were told the management of this area would not allow the cats back. One of the caregivers asked us to try and find out what was happening as there was some disagreement in the group on how to proceed.

We went down and spoke with the caretaker, who immediately asked where his cats were! He said he wanted his cats back. They had been gone for two weeks. He also called the manager who immediately came down - and he TOO reiterated that they wanted the cats back. Both were concerned that the cats had been taken away and killed. The caretaker also grumbled that one of the people who had come down had been rather high-handed according to him.

I told them that one of the caregivers had been worried that they would kill the cats - and the manager and caretaker were adamant that they wanted the cats. The manager asked why they would ask for the cats back if they wanted to get rid of them. He said the people in the area all liked the cats and were all asking them where the cats had gone. He said that the management were worried that the cats were reproducing, but that once they were sterilised, there was no more problem.

It turned out also that ANOTHER person had come down last night to trap the few cats there and had been turned away. The caretaker said he wasn't going to let them take more cats away to kill. After telling the manager I would get in touch and let the foster know she could return the cats, I left.

Almost right away the first caregiver SMSed. She said that she didn't know what was happening but she was worried that the cats weren't going to be safe and would be killed. I called her and explained what had happened. She said her friend had been turned away when she went to pick up the rest of the cats for sterilisation. She expressed surprise.

I have no idea how this could have gotten so confusing. The foster returned the cats and the manager was delighted to hear they were back.


Blogger Mary said...

At the end of the day, positive ending. Miscommunication always lead to misunderstanding.

20/10/06 9:32 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Mary - yes it does.

20/10/06 11:13 AM  

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