Tuesday, October 17, 2006

People who want to take in cats

Someone called up a little while ago asking if we were the animal lovers group. I said that we weren't, and he was a bit taken aback, before asking if we were Cat Welfare Department. He wanted to know if we could come and take the cats away from his condominium because they were causing a nuisance. He said numerous people were feeding them, and that it was causing a problem for them. The cats were making noise at night.

I explained the vacuum effect and while removing the cats would not help, sterilising and managing them would. He said it sounded like there was no choice, and said of course there was a choice but there was no more effective or long term solution.

He thought about it and then asked if we knew animal lovers, who would love to take in these cats and brush and keep them and make them look nice. He said he knew that there were such people around. I told him we didn't, and even if there were any, new cats would move in anyway.

It surprises me that some people think that there are people rushing out to take other peoples' cats in. If you look around, clearly you would see that there are lots of cats around - why would they come and take yours? Plus, anyone who wants to take in tons and tons of cats probably isn't the best person equipped to do so - they probably have an issue with hoarding. It's just comforting to think someone else will take care of your problem - and even nicer to think you're somehow doing them a favour too perhaps.


Blogger Mezzo said...

I get hounded by relatives who want me to take in their friend's mother's cousin's dog all the time. Their logic is that "You have a dog, so you must love dogs, and they're going to send the dog to the SPCA to be killed, so you should take it in since it's easy for you."

I don't get it - just because I have kids (theoratically), why do I want more?

17/10/06 9:38 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Good point Mezzo. People who love children don't necessarily want more - and perhaps not other peoples' children too.

17/10/06 10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think this guy wants to think what he wants to think because then the problem is solved for him immediately.

call it a generation x or y thg, or a singaporean thg but it seems like a lot of ppl are looking for quick fixes and instant gratification ON OTHER PPL'S TIME, MONEY AND EFFORT.

no one seems interested in working toward a proven solution which requires long term management.

18/10/06 10:05 AM  

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