Friday, October 27, 2006

Server down

Our webserver has written to say that the server crashed yesterday evening. They are working to restore it but there may not be any Internet access till 4 pm.

I just spoke with a caregiver. This woman wrote in after watching Frontline, complaining of a neighbour who feeds the cat upstairs. She is frustrated because the cat has been defecating outside her flat for some time.

The caregiver said she would be happy to help, but the complainant then would ask to be able to call her immediately so she could come down and look at the defecation, but she had no idea of whom the cat belonged to or what it looked like. The caregiver asked for some time to settle the case. The complainant would email every time there was defecation and said she took photos of the defecation. We asked if she could help take photos of the CAT instead for us to identify her with.

The complainant also asked if video cameras could be installed in her corridor to film the cat so we can ascertain which cat it is. The caregiver told her no.

The caregiver and the complainant managed to find someone whom they claimed was the feeder. The caregiver said the first time she approached the feeder, there was no problem. However, the feeder was having problems with their next door neighbour and so when they went back to speak with him, he started getting very agitated and chased them. According to what I understand the complainant also went down and took photos of the FEEDER which probably made him more upset.

What a mess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wa-piang! the complainant wants to install video camera, she treats the cat as if it is a loan-shark. Is this complainant the angry feeder's next door neighbour? The situation is as messy as Rojak!

27/10/06 12:59 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

No - complainant is ANOTHER neighbour.

27/10/06 2:28 PM  

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