Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tipped earred cat

Tipped earred cat
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After speaking with the different volunteers and organisations, I also had a chat with the volunteers and caregivers in the area. It's great to see their enthusiasm and how how much they want to commit to a project like this.

I think it's important though to be realistic and to get them to think about all the logistical problems. I sometimes worry that to throw up too many potential problems will dampen their excitement. On the other hand, if volunteers go into a project (especially a large scale TNRM project) without first considering all the consequences, the problem is that they may realise it's too difficult and decide to give up halfway and perhaps not help out in this, or any other, project again.

As a whole it's important to consider whether the cats are protected if sterilised, how to manage the area, the logstics of sterilisation, whom is in charge and the like. It involves mundane, but essential things like whom will be around to release the cats. If these things aren't considered and dealt with, the project will fail - and everyone will feel it was a waste of time, effort and money.


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