Friday, October 13, 2006

Update on the cats in the cages

According to the caregiver who arranged for the cats to be sent to the vet yesterday, two of them are malnutrited. Five are coming down with the flu.

The SPCA Inspector and I were supposed to go and make a police report today, but the Investigating Officer had just worked 24 hours straight and asked us to go down on Monday instead. Poor SPCA inspector - when he tried to put one of the cats into a carrier yesterday, it urinated all over him and tried to bite him because it was so utterly terrified. Good thing he had thick gloves on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh dear. the cats must be very traumatised and frightened due to poor diet, malnutrition, ill-treatment and stress. Will they be put on the streets if they are not so adoptable.

13/10/06 10:43 PM  

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