Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Complaints about cats

It seems that everytime someone complains that the cats are being trapped in their area and that the cats 'never' give any problems, there is a fundamental disconnect happening. The TC has all these complaints and they trap the cats downstairs, while the complaint often isn't about the cats downstairs at all.

Meanwhile the feeder is aggrieved because the cats are caught, and the officer is trapping and getting more and more complaints.

Then the feeder throws their hands up and asks why they bother sterilising in the first place.

It's really important for this matter to call the TC and ask to work with them. At the same time, do expect that most of these problems will not be about your community cats. They are mostly going to be about home cats - but if you can solve these problems, then your community cats won't be caught.

One feeder I spoke with this morning has a number of complaints in his block - and he knows of a neighbour whose cat is let out. He insists that the cat is toilet trained, but two people on a floor above are complaining of defecation outside their door. Again, if the cat is out, it MAY defecate, so people who let their cats out have to remember this and keep the cats in. Not only is their own cat at stake, but the others in the neighbourhood too.


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