Monday, November 06, 2006


A TC officer called about this guy again. He's still complaining about the cats so the officer said he's going to remove the cats because there are no caregivers in this area. As Ginette pointed out however, they are all sterilised, and the complainant has seen a feeder (whom he claims he knows lives in an area nearby but whom he is refusing to help find as well). Nor was Ginette able to see the plethora of scratches he complained of.

The officer told me that he is quite sure that the cats will move back in. I said that I hope at the least he will tell the complainant that if the cats move back in, that they are NOT going to be removed the next time because it's clearly not working.

You know what really strikes me about these anonymous complainants? That they are cowards. They don't want to help solve the problem, they don't want to give their names. They want to just hide in their homes and make anonymous phone calls as they sneak peeks out of the window to complain about someone else. All the fancy (or in many cases, NOT so fancy) cars they drive are not going to make up for the fact that they are missing on an essential component of the masculinity they so seek to project - some guts.


Anonymous mr giggles said...

This is disgusting. How can the TC officer pander to an anonymous complaint like this? Which clearly shows that cowards get their way when they make enough noise be it a reasonable or otherwise complaint.

As the TC officer is fully aware that cats will move back in, why is he killing the current sterilsied lot? Would he rather deal with a whole new bunch of caterwaulng and fighting unsterilised cats?????

Where's the logic? These cats DO NOT deserve to die just because of an intolerant imbecile who has no regard for the sanctity of life over material things.

If he drives a Ferrari or a Porsche, or the likes, let him put a cover over it. If it's anything else, tell him to stuff his steering wheel lock in an orifice where the sun "don't shine"!

6/11/06 11:20 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I don't mind if people are concerned their car shouldn't get scratched, no matter what the cost of the car. I can imagine you might get peeved. However, there is a simple, non-lethal solution - put a car cover on it. That way, the cats won't be able to scratch your car. This is of course presuming these ARE cats scratching your car but a car cover should protect your car from most scratches - unless they are of the deliberate human kind.

6/11/06 11:31 AM  
Blogger calsifer said...

DUH! This is so idiotic! Not the first time cats were removed from the vicinity right?

The only way to have a scratch-free car is to house it in vacuum, and allow nobody, even the owner near it. Cos you can never tell conclusively which of the gazillion marks were left by a cat.

But Dawn, I must say, this is the first time I've seen you talk about these gutless wimps so forcefully. My empathies.

6/11/06 11:38 AM  
Anonymous Furry said...

I pray to god that justice be brought upon these cowards soon....Even if their cars were being scratched by cats before, or the cats had ever rested on their cars, I firmly believed that they will not go to the same car all the time unless these cars of the cowards smelt like them.......FISHY!!!!!

6/11/06 11:48 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Actually it is the first time - I think the officer tried to drag it on as long as he could.

I'm just really frustrated that an anonymous complaint can have so much force. Imagine if I hid behind my window and then claimed 'anonymously' that my neighbour was scratching my car with no proof? I'd be told to go away till I got evidence and gave my name, NRIC number and address - and I had better be prepared to go to court and the police.

Because they're cats though (and bear in mind only people can deliberately intend to scratch cars), and have no voice, they can be taken away and killed.

6/11/06 11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anonymous calls are entertained, why not let us know which TC (name of officer and contact no) and anyone/preferably residents of course - could call up to say we want the sterilised cats to stay. One anonymous caller (no proof that he is a resident) does not want the cats and 3-4 anonymous callers to say we do - what do TC do? What about the person who sterilised the cats? He/She could ask the coward to pay her for the time, effort & money he/she had spent. The care-giver is inconvinced - who is going to compensate her for her work? If a resident is willing to see the TC officer - the TC shd listen to the seen rather than the invisible one.

6/11/06 12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry it shd be "inconvenienced".

6/11/06 12:01 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Well said Anonymous!

6/11/06 12:15 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

As anonymous had said, can we ask which TC is that and those who have read this post can all start calling to say the TC concerned that we WANT the cats to be around. I mean, if this TC can entertain anonymous calls (for all we know, the anonymous may not even be staying in that area), I'm sure they also have to entertain our anonymous calls, right?

6/11/06 2:27 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Rachel - to be fair to the officer, I know he did try and put this off but the man keeps calling and complaining and complaining. The problem is the culture of the whole TC right now - they resolve problems by removing cats if nothing else can be done (ie no caregiver in the area) even if there is an anonymous complaint.

It IS a good idea though to call your TC, whereever you live and thank them for their policies of allowing the cats to stay (if that is what they do) and let them know this is what you want. It's a good idea to let them know that people DO want cats around.

6/11/06 2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the first place, why did the TC officer entertains the complainant?
If he doesn't want to leave his name and contact nos, then, don't take the complaint, just ignore him. Since it is not a genuine complaint, then it is not valid.

It is the duty of the officer to tell the complainant off.

6/11/06 3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC officer has to entertain the complain because that is what they are there for. To service the community. The community refers to everyone, cat lovers, cat haters, cat neutrals. Even though it is anonymous, there is a complain and they will have to action on it, whether they action now or they keep putting it off, it is up to them.

Cut them some slack, I think that TC are trying their best to juggle all parties.

6/11/06 3:21 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

To the last two anonymous posters, yes TC officers have to deal with complaints, but here's what I don't like.

First, was there anything to determine if the complaint was genuine? Another resident went down and said she didn't see the problem.

Second, if there is a genuine complaint, don't you think the complainant would want to resolve it? For example, say my house is robbed. Isn't it in my best interest to give as much information as possible? Why would I tell the police officer I'm not going to tell them when I got burgled, or where I live, but that I happen to live in this block. In fact, I'm not going to give them anything more than an email address and very reluctantly, a first name. The police are going to tell you there is nothing they can do unless you give them more information. Why isn't this the case here?

Third, name/address and contact number should be mandatory. If you can accuse someone of something, then the person should be allowed the right of response.

Lastly, you should not be allowed to complain on behalf of someone else! If your neighbours are too lazy to pick up the phone and complain, then they should not get you as a proxy - they must at least sign a letter or send an email. Either that, or maybe your neighbours don't even HAVE a problem- and you are presuming to speak on their behalf.

It's very simple to say, oh I speak on behalf of everyone here. Then why can't someone call and say I know 10 neighbours who DON'T want the cats taken away?

6/11/06 3:31 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Dawn, this is precisely what I mean. If the TC entertains an anonymous complainant (and I suppose there is only one complainant in this case?), I think all of us here can also start calling the TC concerned without leaving our names and tell them we WANT the cats to be around? One anonymous complainant who wants the cats out vs many anonymous complainants who want cats around. Majority wins, right?

6/11/06 3:47 PM  
Anonymous yskat said...


Robert Sutton of Stanford U just wrote a book called The No Asshole Rule: Building A Civilised Workplace and Surviving One that isn't. Seeing that you have to deal with assholes (or a-holes to be a little more polite) all the time, you might find this book informative and/or amusing. I have yet to read it. But when I do, I will let you know if it has any tips on how to deal with assholes other than the obvious but illegal ones :)

6/11/06 3:58 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Rachel - I certainly would hope so but on the other hand, I somehow think 'his' complaint would win.

Also, the problem really is TC culture. It's not the officer. He has been quite helpful in the past (calling off pest control when another officer called them in) to let us handle the situation first. The problem is really that TCs as a whole, must learn that they cannot deal with these problems and must have a better system for dealing with complaints.

What I foresee happening is that if we call this TC, the officer will get innundated and feel kind of fed up he's now dealing with all the people who are for the cats too - but it still doesn't change the fact that he'll probably get into trouble with his upper management if the other guy continues to complain.

The main thing is the upper management must empower TC officers to turn away ridiculour complaints,and it would certainly help if they knew people liked cats.

6/11/06 4:22 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

What a great title!

6/11/06 4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One way to find out whether the cat scratches he car is to put numerous cameras in the car park.
TC must explain persistent anonymous phonecalls about cats is a form of abuse.

6/11/06 6:07 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Problem is it's got to be a really good camera. I'm quite sure some cats may SIT on his car - but how do we know they are causing scratches on it?

6/11/06 6:22 PM  
Blogger vegancat said...

Since the cats will be killed away, what about trying out
1)Insert flyers on every car windscreen informing of what has happened and what can happened with new unsterilized cats moving in and get them to call TC officer to protest.
2)Carry out a survey as was done in the recent case in Yishun to get a vote of what residents in the blocks served by the carpark, think about killing of the cats? I am sure there will be many people willing to volunteer to carry out this survey.

6/11/06 9:51 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Good idea - though I don't know which block it is exactly. I only know which carpark so may need to survey the blocks around there.

Maybe we can stick brochures under every car in the area.

6/11/06 10:55 PM  
Anonymous veganmeow said...

Don't know where this is...but let me know if help is needed to do survey/flyering. We must act fast to save the cats! Can you ask the TC officer to wait for the result of the survey before killing the cats?

7/11/06 5:02 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks for the offer Veganmeowies. I've written to the officer.

7/11/06 6:10 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Veganmeowies, the officer wrote back and said that he does not want to start a situation of one party against another and is asking if other caregivers would like to take these cats in. I have written back to say that we do not intend to play one against another, but that we want to find out if residents really object to the cats being there.

8/11/06 10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the officer understand what is democracy or is he also a coward who wants his pay cheque easy!?

8/11/06 2:03 PM  
Anonymous veganmeowies said...

Then let's do it as fast as we can...get the “real” residents involved…let’s see how many want the cats to be killed. I do feel sorry for the TC Officer…he is just doing things as they have been done in the past…but can we keep quiet and let injustice take place…sterilization efforts wasted, lives lost, caregivers discouraged???

Where is this other anonymous party? Is he even a resident? Should TC serve the real residents or pander to anonymous complaints? This is just so wrong!

8/11/06 2:50 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I asked the officer the same thing - I asked him how we know the resident even LIVES in the block. I said that anyone can give the car numbers - for example, someone walking by or whom did not like the cats.

8/11/06 3:22 PM  

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