Friday, November 24, 2006

Food upstairs

Food upstairs
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This woman just wrote back to say that she wanted the caregiver to come to her block and move the cats downstairs. I told her that the caregiver had come over to help earlier this week, not knowing that she was the one who used to feed the cat, and wasn't going to do it again. She wants the cats moved downstairs so they don't come up again. She said she had done it once but they had moved back up.

She wrote back to say she can see she's not getting any help on this matter anymore. I just replied to say that if she hadn't fed the cats in the first place, they wouldn't have come up, or at least reinforced the behaviour to make them continue coming up if someone else was also doing the feeding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cat has learned to go upstairs for food and the woman wants someone to teach the cat to stay on the ground floor.
Wow....I wish someone would come and train my cats to empty its litter box?

24/11/06 9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And human beings are supposedly more intelligent than animals????

24/11/06 10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Humans are not smarter in all areas. Animals don't have to attend geography classes to sense oncoming natural disasters like earthquakes etc.

Just feed the cats downstairs at the same spot and same timing, they will learn through classical conditioning. That's all, humans are the problematic ones, not the cats.

ai-yo cat

24/11/06 1:46 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Sadly - that's usually the case. It's the people, NOT the cats that give problems.

24/11/06 3:13 PM  
Anonymous Furry said...

I agree with the 3rd anonymous but the complainant cannot expect the cats to know immediately. It may take some time for some of them.

24/11/06 5:42 PM  

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