Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I don't know anyone's name

I just spoke to a caregiver who was ringing as I was checking my messages (my phone wasn't working the first few days but got hold of one that is). I hung up and called her back using a cheaper method, explaining it is costly to answer overseas calls.

I had spoken with her because there had been a number of complaints in her area but she told me that she only looks after cat that are hers.

I ended up going down to do the mediation and there were numerous people who were feeding upstairs. Apparently one of these cats was caught three weeks ago and the owner just told this feeder about it. The owner wanted to know why the cat was trapped since it was ear tipped. The feeder said it was unfair it was caught - the cat was just waiting at the foot of the stairs for its owner to come home!

The feeder said she spoke to someone at the AVA whose name she did not know. I advised her that it was important to find out the person's name. She rang off and then rang back. Repeatedly as I kept hanging up and trying to call her. She still didn't know the person's name.

Now she wants to get the cat back. Apparently she had gotten this cat sterilised. She said that she wanted to know how to do so. She was going to get another feeder to call. I encouraged her to call herself. She said she had spoken to the feeder about me but she didn't know my name either so the feeder (whom I know and who isn't very responsible either) had no idea who she was talking about.

It is important to try and get as many details as possible. If you call and say you spoke to a woman - that's not very helpful. It's best to have a surname, a full name if possible and a title too if you can with a direct number. You may forget - that's fine. It's okay to ring back and check. It's NOT a good idea though to repeatedly refuse to learn peoples' names and then have no idea how to refer to them or find them later on again.


Blogger Mary said...

If i am her, i will rush to AVA because timing is everything, after all she has already spoken with AVA and it is not helping.

28/11/06 12:22 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Basically she needs a letter from the TC to get her cat back. If she can get that, it shouldn't be a problem - which is what I told her.

28/11/06 12:45 PM  

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