Thursday, November 30, 2006

People writing in response to Forum letter

So far four people have written in to mention that they have been having problems with cats coming into their yards. Two enquired about the Scarecrow. One mentioned she does not want to use the traps but there are cats coming and her neighbour is feeding. The last said she had written to the forum page. She mentioned she had already trapped 20 cats along with another neighbour but said it was a temporary measure and she had given up on this. She asked then if the cats could be taken away and looked after at AVA or SPCA because speaking to people won't help.

I wrote to ask her if she had indeed spoken to the people in her area and if we could help if she had. After all, as she herself mentioned, taking the cats away isn't helping.

It's good to hear some people at least are willing to try alternatives. I CAN understand they may be having problems and we're can empathise and are happy to help with that, but we don't think killing is effective or humane. So the problem continues, cats die - and no one is happy.


Blogger ddxiong said...

Yes. I think it would take one thousand people who don't trap cats to convince the AVA compared to one person who has trapped 20 cats and agrees that it is not working for AVA to relook their policy.

In the meantime cats will continue to be culled :(

30/11/06 6:34 PM  
Blogger iWooiBlog said...

I don't think so. With the recent exchange and publication of letters in the ST Forum, and the recent Mdm Lim's letter about AVA Cat Trap and AVA's reply, I think there is at least some effect already, whether this effect is string or not, I think it is a beginning of something, and perhaps more landed property owners now may just think twice about just simply trapping cats and give them to AVA... now it makes them think, perhaps twice.

I would like to stay optimistic and say this is something, maybe some little thing, but it seems like a positive effect. At least, there is a increase awareness.

Cheers :-)

30/11/06 8:06 PM  
Anonymous EJ said...

Indeed with the recent exchange & publication of letters in the ST forum etc, potential but good-hearted trappers will think twice about trappings strays as now they knew what will happended to the trapped strays after that.Let's hope this will be an kindness' awakening call to all present trappers who loan traps and give them to AVA.Please forgive those stray cats menancing you and give them back their lives and freedom.

Dawn, good to know that there are enquiries about alternatives and they have CWS to turn to for advice. As long as people have kindness in their heart and take the time and effort to find out, there are always alternatives available.

30/11/06 10:20 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

EJ I agree. I think one thing people who have problems with cats and trap don't realise is this. Of course people may have cat related problems - but not everyone resorts to trapping. Do we have people contact us about keeping cats out of their garden? Of course! Even if you look through this blog you'll see examples of that.

The question is - are you prepared to do something on your part? As EJ said if you work from the premise that you don't think you'd like to kill and take a bit of time out, you'd look for an alternative.We have a list of suggestions on what to do with regards to gardens in our Mediation FAQ as well. There are dozens of sites on the internet on what to do - the problem is when people think it's too inconvenient. Sometimes the right thing to do IS inconvenient.

1/12/06 3:21 AM  
Blogger budak said...

Here's an instance of how another community regards 'stray' animals, with Dewey the cat 'repaying' the library that adopted him with positive publicity, goodwill and years of devotion:

4/12/06 11:03 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

What a lovely story!

4/12/06 2:12 PM  

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