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Sunday Times (12-11-06)

Sunday Times (12-11-06)
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Nice Article which Vegancat alerted me to. I'm so glad to see a celebritiy who has non-pedigree animals for a chance.


by Melissa Pang

HAVING three cats for company is great most of the time, but it was triple the scare for me on one occasion.

On Boxing Day in 2004 when the Indonesian earthquake struck, they were all visibly tense and kept looking at the door.

I began to freak out because animals are supposed to be able to detect the supernatural.

A while later, a friend who lives in a high-rise flat messaged to say that he felt tremors. It was then that I realised that the earthquake was the cause of my cats' strange behaviour.

I live on a lower floor and didn't feel anything, but I suppose animals are more sensitive to such things.

Even without earthquakes, Dudley, the grey one, behaves strangely. Recently, he pushed the dustbin beside my bed all the way across the room, and left it outside my toilet.

It was baffling why he did that, especially since the trash was left intact. It was one of the manic moments that he, now 1 1/2 years old, sometimes has.

Dudley's very curious and affectionate, which is perhaps why he's the glue that holds my three cats together. Only he has the privilege of pawing or licking Zoe, the princess of the house.

Zoe's not in the photo because she's very shy. The oldest, at 4 1/2 years, she is my first cat and has been around since 2002.

She is very sensitive towards my feelings and knows when I'm down. She'll then come up and 'kaypoh' a little, or hop onto my lap to comfort me.

Being the princess that she is, Zoe does not like having Banshee around her.

I found him in 2003, on a rainy day in my neighbourhood. He was wailing loudly. He sounded very unique, so I named him Banshee.

Three years old now, he's the one I look for to play with. That's because he's a chill-out kind of cat with a very 'whatever' attitude.

For example, he doesn't like bathing, but will cooperate with me just to get it over and done with. Even if he isn't in the mood to do something, he'll just go with the flow.

I don't have a favourite, but there are times when I like one more than the other. It's important not to have a favourite, because, like children, cats must be appreciated for who they are.

Fly Entertainment artiste Timothy Nga, 33, is the host of Public Insight. It premieres next Thursday on Channel 5 at 7.30pm.


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I like his attitude! If only he were really a white-shirt, and not merely played one in a play.

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