Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Trapping = Complaints

I just spoke with the second feeder in this area and she started complaining there was someone on the third floor who had cats in her block and this was probably why the complaints started. She said she refused to speak with the woman and she wanted us to go down. When I asked for the unit, she said that I have to go down and find out.

She said she sterilised all the cats for 'us' (I am assuming she means CWS). I told her that this was to be done for the cats and not anyone else. She said CWS did not help her with mediation - and I said if we did not know there was an issue, then how could we come down and help in a difficult case? Are we supposed to pick up her mental telepathy from her brain waves? She then said she only recently realised it was a problem. In fact, this is the feeder who recently changed her number and did not even give it to anyone. She kept saying she's working, and that she's done what she can already.

All the complaints seem to flood in from areas where there are feeders but are badly managed, which isn't surprisingly. These areas then threaten the whole estate because this can be seen to show the programme is NOT working especially if there are some sterilised cats and the person is supposed to be on the programme. Then when the complaints come in, they say it is nothing to do with them.

As in this case, the cats then get routinely rounded up. I asked the woman if she did not notice that the unsterilised cats are disappearing every Tuesday (a fact that we only knew when a caregiver from another area called to tell us about it), and she said she had no idea. She goes to work and she feeds the cats and that's it. Cats appear, cats disappear and she is blissfully unaware.

It seems that some people have blinkers on - they only see 'their' cats. Should anyone touch their cats, there will be hell to pay, but there are other cats, whom they may sometimes even feed, but which aren't 'theirs'. If those cats are caught, they don't particularly care.

In this case, the feeder only looks after her side of the staircase. She said that she does not know anything about the cats on the other end of the same block and they're not her responsibility.

I'm also writing to the town council to ask why these complaints were not referred to the residents. I was sent a list of complaints for the last 7 months that seem to not have been referred. Obviously then there is a long list of unhappy people. One of the feeders told me that they had mentioned some complaints but never gave any details. Coupled with a feeder who is not very pro-active, this smells disaster.

Usually when they start trapping, that should be a big tip-off. It might as well spell out in bright neon lights : complaint in your area, so it's best to nip it in the bud as early as possible. Ask your officer what is happening and then try and resolve the complaint. Countless cats can be saved if these complaints are solved.


Blogger Mary said...

Hi Dawn, do the TCs inform CWS in advance in cases of trapping? Can an agreement be made between CWS and TCs on this issue?

15/11/06 12:28 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Hi Mary, it depends if the caregivers have an arrangement with the TCs. Even if there is an arrangement, it works differently for different cases. Some TCs call the caregivers direct, some call us.

15/11/06 1:20 PM  

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