Monday, November 13, 2006

Update cats in cage

Remember these cats? I had just spoken with Deirdre last week to find out the latest because we didn't want to have so many people calling the police. We had been told that the suspect had been interviewed and they could not tie her to the case. We had found some information on the day itself that we passed to the police with the suspect's details right after the cats were found.

I spoke to the Investigating Officer today because one of the caregivers wanted to know if the cats can be released. She had been told that they cannot be released as they are considered evidence. No one has come forward to adopt them, and a few of them are still too weak to be sterilised at the moment and are still in boarding.

It turned out the officer was going down to the block when I called and asked me to ring him back a bit later. I just spoke with him a while ago. He reported that no one on the floor the cats were found on owned cats - this is something that both the town council, the first police officers on the scene AND the volunteers had already ascertained on the day itself.

I then asked him about the suspect and why they could not tie the person to the case. He said that in fact they were just sending a squad car down now to investigate the matter! He said that she did not live in Pasir Ris and when I checked the address, he was surprised I had it. I told him that it had been in her belongings on the day itself when the police had been there.

I am checking with Deirdre (who isn't in at the moment) on whom she has been in contact with. Either all the checks had been carried out and this investigating officer had no idea they had been done, OR nothing has been done for the entire month. Neither of which is comforting.


Blogger calsifer said...

That is really alarming. Plus if her details were found in the pile of mess on the day itself, that should be a good clue for a good headstart on the investigation!

How are the cats now? Who's caring for them if they can't be released? Witnesses to crimes aren't held until the case is over, adn even suspects are allowed bail. Why can't they be released since they are living things, not inanimate object?

13/11/06 3:12 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Calsifer - they're in boarding now and the volunteer is paying for it. We're helping with at least some of the cost. The cats can't all stay in boarding forever though.

The officer said he would let us know soon when they can be released.

13/11/06 3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor person is paying for the cats' boarding - holding onto the "evidence" while the Police are investigating at a leisurely pace. What evidence do they need? The photos of the cats in small cages are not sufficient? And how does the police intend to prove that these cats are the same abandoned cats? Were they microchipped for identification?
Are they to be produced in court?

13/11/06 4:38 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Beats me. Now they say they don't need them as evidence anymore.

13/11/06 4:39 PM  
Anonymous HW said...

However the case turn out, the "guilty one" will probably walk away with some sort of fine or something; I am much more concern about the cats. Where are they being "hold up" now? In the police station, in some evidence room??

Is anyone taking care of them everyday? Or anyone from CWS and/or SPCA checking up on them? Please update on the cats' status, thanks and cheers

13/11/06 4:48 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Hi Dawn, will these cats survive when released from boarding?

13/11/06 5:31 PM  
Anonymous veganmeow said...

I thought in Singapore a person has to prove his innocence…

Why where her belongings there, if she doesn’t live in Pasir Ris? It makes sense to abandon the cats in a lift lobby in a different estate, where people don’t know her. How else can you dump cages with 12 cats without attracting attention? Perhaps the other stuff was added to cover up?

Why don’t the police use black light to look for cat urine then trace the DNA?

13/11/06 5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

End of the day, the police wont bother so much.... Do their best and frankly I am not surprised this case is right at the bottom of the pile of cases they are handling. What is more important now is to get the cats released instead of being held as evidence for a case that might drag on forever....

13/11/06 5:55 PM  
Anonymous corinne said...

Hi. The volunteer and I have discussed the possible outcomes for these cats, and our conclusion is separating them into 2's and 3's to be released into areas under our care, after they are sterilised and are well (for the weker ones).

However, as to whether they will "survive" and stay within the community to be cared for by us, leaves to be seen.

We certainly do not want the number of our community cats to be suddenly increased by a significant dozen. As with all abandonment, whether witnessed or not, this will put our existing community cats at risk.

We would have no other choice unless they can be adopted (especially the friendly ones).

Anyone out there can help? Or have any suggestions?

13/11/06 5:55 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

HW - they're in paid boarding at the moment. Their medical bills are also coming to quite a sum because they're not in the best of health.

Veganmeow - the person may have moved.

Ah I see Corinne is posting - she'll have the latest.

13/11/06 6:54 PM  
Blogger iWooiBlog said...

(It's me, HW)

Thanks for the update, I didn't really read the earlier posts before I "jumped in"...

It's a bit "scary and concerning" to release the cats back into the community... I am worried for their survival in the open (again), perhaps can put up the most healthy ones for adoption?


14/11/06 2:09 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

HW - when the New Paper story came out, the volunteers made a point to ask for adopters. Three people called but none adopted the cats.

14/11/06 2:15 AM  
Anonymous corinne said...

It costs $30 per cat per month to board. With 12 cats, it means $360 per month. This is not inclusive of medication and sterilisation.

We are coping as best as we can at the moment but we have limited resources as we have quite a number of our own cats (including community cats) to care for.

This is why in view of the long-term commitment (the rest of the cats' lives) we have no choice but to release them unless they can get adopted soon.

Anyone who can adopt, or make a contribution, please direct it to Dawn through the CWS. Much appreciated, thanks!

14/11/06 1:09 PM  

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