Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Updating contact details

It's a good idea to let us know what your latest contact details if we are the liaison between the TC and yourselves. Today a caregiver called us up to say that there was some trapping seen in another area (not the caregiver's own) and to ask whom was in that area. I tried contacting the person there - and the phone number was no longer current, nor was there an email address. I then had to call a number of other people to get the correct person. Sometimes it is a matter of urgency (ie the cats are being trapped) so it's best to keep us updated so that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Having called the person, it turns out the person is aware that they were trapping, but he cannot get near some of the cats though he feeds them. He said he is aware that feeding them and not sterilising is a vicious cycle, and the good thing is that he DOES try to sterilise most of the female cats. However, he said he cannot bring himself not to feed - though he agreed this does make them easy pickings when the TC sends pest control around. He also agreed it does make it more costly because new cats are born and he is spending a lot on food. I offered a cat trap but I don't think he's very keen.


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