Monday, December 11, 2006

Why would they bring the cats upstairs?

Rebecca went down to this block on Friday and she found that it was quite a mess. There were at least five families either feeding the cats or whom were letting their pet cats out. A number of the cats were not sterilised. She managed to speak to them about getting the cats done and the families agreed.

Rebecca was unable to find the person the complainant spoke of. I spoke to the complainant but she had not seen the person either but a friend of hers had. I asked for her help to try and give us more information if she had it. I also told her Rebecca had been down and what had happened. The complainant herself said she noticed that community cats tend to bury their defecation downstairs and she was puzzled as to why they would come up. I explained some people let their pet cats out or some others bring the community cats upstairs. She asked me if we had asked these neighbours why they did that. She was rather baffled why they would not just feed the cats downstairs. I told her I did not know either but that she could be rest assured that Rebecca had spoken to them.


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