Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Adoption board overflowing

The adoption volunteer told me that there were more than 40 cats posted in the first 9 days of January. There are a lot of people posting cats but unfortunately adoptions at this period are also very low. They generally dip at the year end as people go away for holidays or prepare for festive seasons and often do not pick up again till after Chinese New Year.

If you are putting a cat up for adoption and can hold the cat, it may be best to post it a little later - with the flood of cats and kittens, chances are your cat is going to be one of many, and that it is going to have a lower probability of getting adopted.

I've noticed as well the number of people picking up cats seems to go up at the end of the year. I'm not sure if it happens because people are on leave and have more time to notice these things, or they see cats getting wet in the rain or for whatever reason, but a lot of people write in saying they have picked up a cat and can't keep it. One just wrote in yesterday - I asked them to look for the mother cat and they went back and the mother cat was there. The kitten was returned safely to the mother cat.

Heading out now to deliver cat traps and the Scarecrow to someone else who needs it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my friend's niece went to china for a short stay with her grandparents this christmas. when she came home, she told me that she saw a kitten at somewhere where she went for a stroll. so, pitying the kitten, she picked it up and brought it home to her granny's. as no one was to adopt the kitten, it was then "thrown out" (ie. let to go). my heart tugged when i heard this because i learnt that the kitten was originally pick from somewhere a distance away (have to travel by car to reach). imagine, this is similar to removing a 2 year old kid from his home and mother at ang mo kio then leaving him in jurong. my point is this : this little girl pitied and was worried for the kitten, so she picked it up. just like the girl, some of us feel compelled to help a small animal (which is most commendable, really!) when we see one at a public place, especially at void decks of flats. so we picked it up. but its mother could be somewhere around. unless the kitten is hurting or we want to adopt the kitten or we know of a sicko animal abuser within premises or stupid kid who'll kick a kitten, i think it's best to just do what we can for the kitten (eg. buy food to feed it to get over the current hunger/check if the mother cat is around or wait for the mother to return) at where it is at and let it be. it's not good to remove a kitten just like that. what's going to happen later? (and talking about needing cat food during urgent situations, maybe some of us can call up 7-11's head office to request for wet cat food to be stocked at all their stores? > tel no.63372766)

10/1/07 9:51 PM  
Anonymous Marilyn said...

Hello Anonymous,

Almost all petrol stations have pet foods, and I think some 7-11s have a limited range.

11/1/07 8:41 AM  

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