Thursday, January 11, 2007

But they're doing something worse

I just spoke with this feeder again. It seems that the officer said there was still a cage outside and she took a photo of the cat sitting on top of the cage (the cage itself was empty).

I spoke to the feeder today and she said that she had taken care of it since the last time. She said she puts the cat in the house most of the time. I asked her point blank if the cage was still outside and pointed out there was a photo as well from the town council taken recently. She said I should not ask her such questions. Another caregiver had also spoken with her and said she gave up.

She then complained that people were being so unfair. She was the only feeder there, she was helping the TC and that they should appreciate what she is doing instead of giving her problems. She also started complaining about other people and what they were doing.

I told her she was welcome to complain about other people too, but that it didn't solve the problem at all. She went on about people littering and other anti-social behaviour and said it was none of her business. I told her that if she felt it was wrong, she ought to bring it up as a complaint too, but at the same time, how does this help her own case? I understand she was trying to help the cat and her intentions are good, but it may end up having the opposite effect.

She told me then that another officer had given her permission to keep the cage outside and said that this new officer who had written to me was trying to make trouble for her. She said she wants to speak with the officer directly and asked for her number.

True - other people may be behaving in a manner that isn't correct, and again everyone can complain, whether they choose to or not. The problem here is that the cat might get caught because someone complained. Should the other person have made a complaint or spoken to the feeder directly? Yes. The question is - it is worth risking the cat because of it?

I don't understand why people continually and knowingly, expose the cats to danger and refuse to budge. Also I don't understand the logic of one person's bad behavior excusing another's. Does this mean if one person robs a bank, then it's okay for someone else to steal from a house? This is a sure fire race to the bottom.


Blogger Mary said...

i really don't understand this people. Does she not want to protect her cat admist all the abuse and culling reports? Why housed the cat in the cage; why housed her at the corridor? Presumbly she really housed the cat in the house, then she should fold up the cage and keep it in the storeroom; why leave it outside for people to complain?

12/1/07 11:21 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Mary - you've got me there.

12/1/07 11:46 AM  

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