Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Checking it out

A complaint came in from a woman who claims that someone is feeding a cat upstairs in her corridor. She claimed that one of the cat tried to 'attack' her - when I clarified with her, it seems that she was carrying a plastic bag and the cat came up and approached her. It doesn't seem the cat did anything but walk towards her but she thought it was trying to attack her. I explained the cat probably thought she was trying to feed it and hence went up to her.

She also claimed that there were a lot of cats at a block which isn't even in the vicinity. I asked how the cats were disturbing her and she said when the cats are gathering to be fed, they are 'smelly'.

I called the feeder there and asked her to go down and check out the corridor. She demurred and said that she thought she knew whom the complainant was and that she was just being difficult. I agree that the complainant is being difficult, but that doesn't mean that it should be dismissed as out of hand.

I told the caregiver if she went down and there was no food, then that was a great rebuttal. If the woman claimed someone was still dirtying the place, then she needs to let us know when and where and show the proof as the matter has been looked into. However, if the feeder kept saying that it was rubbish, and not checking the area out, if there was indeed food and a mess, it made the feeder look unreliable at best, and a liar at worst. Do check out the complaint, even if it seems ludicrous - if the caregiver in the area is well informed, and knows what is happening, then it certainly helps. Don't dismiss a claim as out of hand till it's actually been checked out.


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