Friday, January 19, 2007

Do ask

I was speaking to someone today who said she was having problems sterilising the cats she is feeding. She had bought two cat traps a while ago but she said that it was difficult to trap because she is worried the management might get wind of it so she does it on the quiet. She said she was very concerned because the number of cats was increasing quite dramatically since she started feeding them and she has managed to sterilise half of them - one just gave birth again. She wanted to know if someone would take over the feeding - she was willing to give them $200 a month, but she had told me earlier she spends at least $450 on food. I asked her how the person was supposed to make up the difference in that case.

She said that she had trouble with the cost, but there is a vet clinic a stone's throw away. She said because of the hours she traps, she pays someone transport money (which is equivalent to what she is paying for sterilisation) to take the cat away from there, board it and then drive it back to the clinic.

I know the vet there does try to help community cat caregivers so I asked her if she had approached them to explain her dilema and to ask if they could render any assistance. In fact, they had mentioned to me that the people around there didn't seem very interested though they had offered to help them out before. The woman with the cats said she had never spoken with them directly. I asked her to give them a call or go down and have a word with them. If they are able to let her bring the cats in for example, then she can save the transport money. The worst thing that could happen is that they say no, and then we'll think of something else. The best thing of course is they agree and then she can save all that transport money and just use it to sterilise the cats.

I also asked if she would consider speaking with the management but she said she did not want to. As a result, she is sneaking around but is fearful of being found out, especially as the cat population continues to grow at a rather alarming rate. I told her that it was her decision of course. She has decided she would go by the vet's and have a word with them.

On the way out to get some documents signed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn, there's a transport guy that helps to catch the trap (he's good, fast, and prices are reasonable you know him too ). Maybe you can suggest to the lady to get some help in catching the cats and free up some of her time as well?

I understand why her reluctance in not approaching the managment as sometimes i feel its like between the devil and the deep blue sea. You really never know what to expect from people which are not sympathatic towards animals.


19/1/07 10:39 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

vk - I did suggest a number of people to her already.

I do think in general its good to let the management know because otherwise you never know how they'll react at some later time, but of course she knows the management better (though actually she said she didn't really know them).

What I think is important though is that she's spending a lot of money transporting the cats somewhere else, putting them somewhere and then driving them back when I think there's a good chance the vet will allow her to bring the cat in the night before. She won't know though till she asks.

19/1/07 10:42 PM  

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