Wednesday, January 31, 2007


There was some alarm because there have been reports in the local press that H5N1 was spread in cats in Indonesia that were found in area with infected birds.

Here's an article from the New Scientist :-
H5N1 and cats

Here's what we already knew :-

Cats can catch the disease. So can dogs. So can pigs. So can birds. So can people. As I said in an earlier thread, I wouldn't be surprised if most mammals can catch it.

As such, I'm not surprised that cats would have caught it if they ate infected birds. Note also that these cats didn't HAVE the disease they had the antibodies to it. In fact, the cats were released back onto the street after they had been tested. Presumably it must mean the cats were all pretty healthy.

It also doesn't mean that cats will spread it to people.

In addition, read what Dr Osterhaus had to say at the end of the article. He said that killing cats will not solve the problem. He says that the impact could send the infected animals elsewhere and lead to a population of disease-carrying rodents.

Perhaps another thing to do would be to stop returning potentially infected birds to the people to eat!


Blogger calsifer said...

This is a good ref: Bird Flu: A Virus Of Our Own Hatching.

Like the discussion on your upsetting the balance post, killing birds and cats is not the answer to H5N1.

31/1/07 2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The revelations in the book are particularly chilling. So much pain and suffering as a result of mankind's unsatiable greed.

4/2/07 4:06 PM  

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