Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I don't work for the building

A complainant wrote in to the TC a few days ago and said that he had problems with the cats in the neighbourhood. It sounds as if the community cats are unsterilised and also there are cats defecating outside his flat. According to him, the TC told him they cannot trap the cats because 'cat lovers' will stop them but did not pass the complaint on until this latest incident, where they told the complainant they worked very closely with CWS. They also told him all they can do is remove the cats by means of pest control and there is nothing else they can do (which seems contrary to what they said).

I wrote to ask for more details. Now I understand his frustration as he said he first complained more than 6 months ago and nothing had improved, but I told him we needed some details, for example if he knew if any of his neighbours who might have cats or are feeding the cats.

He wrote back to say however that I should direct all complaints to the TC. He said he was pleased to hear from us but that he is frustrated with the TC. He said that he is not in charge of maintaining the estate and in his words, that he does not work for the building.

I wrote back to say that I appreciate that, but that he does live there and that as he was the one who brought up the complaint, he is the best person to help us work with him to solve it. I told him no one else is as often in the building as he is. In addition if you think about it, who is most affected by the problem? The TC? Other volunteers? Or the person complaining?

It's no use complaining that nothing is being done and then being close-mouthed about information you DO have to try and solve the problem. I emphasised to him WHY we needed the information in the previous email and how we are trying to find a more permanent solution. I do hope he will consider it.


Anonymous Anonymous said... typical Singaporean (I assume that he is).

Complain and complain but when they realise that they have to exert some kind of effort on their part (however little it may be), they back off so quick before you can say "Speedy Gonzales"!

Dawn, I must thank you for your good work and patience to deal with people like that all the time. Most of us would have exploded after just one day.

Thank you to all at CWS!

10/1/07 1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One person who is a non-cat person said people should not blame cats for anything since they are cats.

10/1/07 2:53 PM  
Anonymous ej said...

Crazy & thoughtless humans,strange policies, Dawn have to deal with these. Tough. That's why CWS's staff and volunteers are so important and essential to the cats and our society. Greatly appreciated!

10/1/07 3:37 PM  
Blogger vegancat said...

If the TC indeed said that "cat lovers" are preventing the officers from carrying his or her job, then it was irresponsible and creating negative sentiments towards "cat lovers" and CWS. TC has to understand that it is still their duty to investigate into such complaint and to draw on the expertise of volunteers and cws to resolve the problem effectively. Look like some of these officers need a re-education by cws.
They cannot use volunteers and cws as scapegoat to shirk their responsiblity!

10/1/07 5:03 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks everyone. Anonymous, your friend is right, and I think most people who think it's fine to kill cats just because they're animals, should realise that precisely because they're animals, they're not doing things to provoke people out of maliciousness or ill will. They're doing it because they don't know any better - if someone feeds them and there is no toilet available, they will defecate upstairs (come to think of it though, some people do too!).

Vegancat, that's what I told him too.

10/1/07 5:45 PM  

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