Thursday, January 18, 2007

Newsletter, Renewals, cheques delayed

For those of you who are members and wondering why our newsletters are delayed this month, sincere apologies. Due to the Christmas and New Year holidays, we were informed that the newsletter would be delayed by the printer. It is likely to be done in February.

As for the renewals, they will be sent out at the same time with the newsletters. Thanks for your patience.

We're also having some problems with the signatories of our cheques. Before I left, we changed the bank signatories for our chequebook, but when I returned, there was a letter that said there were some corrections that needed to be made. I went to the bank as I was unclear on some of the instructions last week and the bank teller mentioned to me as well that she did not think it was incorrectly done. I just need to get our Treasurer to sign off on the cheques and we'll be able to reimburse everyone again.


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