Friday, January 26, 2007

Not solving the problem

I spoke to a caregiver today. A complainant had spoken with us about cats defecating in the block and they pointed out they were owned cats. Their emails to the TC were not effective. The caregiver went down and spoke with the owners previously, but apparently the problem has started again.

When she was down today, she said she saw one cat upstairs. The complainant's family member said that was not the cat that was defecating.

She said the most disappointing thing was that the sterilised community cats downstairs were no longer there. She suspects that they may have been taken away as the feeders in the area are not particularly interested - she was the one who had gotten the cats sterilised. She is trying to get hold of the TC to check out what has happened.

The caregiver said this was a problem in many areas. She said that the problem was irresponsible owners, but the community cats were facing the brunt of the problem. In addition, the complaints continue because the problem has not been solved! No one is happy - not the caregiver, the complainant or the town council.


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