Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Problems with cat owners

I spoke with a caregiver this afternoon who was telling me about the recent spate of complaints she had to deal with. She said the interesting thing was that every single one of them had to do with pet cats or cats being fed upstairs.

In one case, she said the resident refused to sterilise the cats which were wandering. She said that they were definitely not community cats because all the cats downstairs had apparently been caught already due to repeat complaints and the people feeding there were not interested. The resident whose cats were wandering (and quite possibly the source of the complaints) told them not to worry, when the cat gave birth again, she would just dump the cat somewhere else! When the volunteers explained what sort of trouble it would cause, she relented.

In another case, the family refused to get the cat sterilised till the cat gave birth yet again and the cats were allowed to wander.

She said that in another case, the town council was desperately worried because the person complaining was an RC member who lived on a high floor. Again she found that they were not community cats but someone's pet.

She said that the most frustrating one was the woman who was feeding a community cat upstairs and got tired of doing so. In this case SHE called the TC and asked them to remove the cat. According to the caregiver, the woman said she was under the impression the cat would be taken away and adopted at the AVA.

It's really the worst of both worlds by not allowing cats legally into flats - while the cats wander, no action can be taken against the owner, allowing the owner to then help themselves to more cats should these cats be caught. In the meantime, the community cats who have no relation to the problem at all, bear the brunt of it and are often rounded up for no reason. It's time to change the ruling so people can keep cats indoors but responsibly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just move the cats into the house for humanitarian reason, the no cat rule is dumb and should be strucked off for good.

What kind of people would promote homelessness and death?

11/1/07 3:51 AM  
Anonymous isabel said...

btw dawn, i realise that u often put up scanned articles frm the straits times.
2 years ago my fren who's a music producer got sued by the SPH cos he put ST articles up on his website (though the articles were abt himself & interviews with him)
so im sure its got to do with copyright laws.
the fine amounted to 8000!
jus dont want u to get into any copyright trouble or financial trouble cos thats the last thing u'd want & last thing we, cat lovers, wld want to see either!
so, a friendly reminder ok! do take it seriously though! :)

11/1/07 8:23 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks Isabel. I'm not sure if it had to do with attribution (ie the articles weren't attributed to the ST)?

11/1/07 9:05 AM  

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