Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Proof needed

I was just speaking with someone who called to tell me that her neighbourwas giving problems again. She said he had borrowed a trap again and trapped one of her friendly cats.

I offered to speak with him again but she also said it probably was not any use. Unfortunately I think this has become a very bad situation where the two neighbours are not getting along and the cats are the unfortunate victims of the situation. I think the neighbour feels we are on the caregiver's 'side' and hence is very hostile.

She told me that the cat trapped went missing on Sunday and that she saw a cat trap delivered yesterday. This afternoon, the cat was sent to the AVA in the trap. She is convinced the man trapped the cat, kept it indoors and then sent it to the AVA after placing it in the trap today as she says the cat turns up for food everyday. She wanted to know how to take action against the man.

I told her unfortunately she has no proof. The problem is that while this may have happened, there is really nothing to link the man to the cat or to show that he had trapped the cat earlier. All we have is the fact that (1) the cat was not seen since Sunday and (2)that it was trapped and sent to the AVA today. We aren't able to show the man had in fact trapped it earlier because there just isn't proof. I told the caregiver that in addition, he might make it seem as if she is always giving him problems and accusing him falsely of things he did not do and that she would have no way of showing this to be untrue.

She will be collecting the cat tomorrow. I advised her to try and see what can be done once she's collected the cat or if there seems to be an foul play then.


Anonymous ej said...

Oh please don't let the cats be the victims of unfriendly situation.Hope she get back her trapped cat.

9/1/07 10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah... These neighbours can be real heartless, sick and psychotic. I used to have cat called Hermes. Very sweet marmalade cat with an extremely affectionate disposition. It came to my place for food everyday for about half a year until one day, it suddenly disappeared (Very weird cos it has a collar).

The day after it disappeared, my family went on a hunt in its fav spots, carparks and streets. One of our neigbours from upstairs came down to chat with my grandma and reported a cat trying to eat its dried seafood outside her house. When my grandma prompted her about the cat, she said "I dunno" and hurried home. Which freaking idiot will leave dried seafood outside the house? And her corridor was like a jungle. When we saw her son, he scurried away avoiding our eyes. I wished I had evidence that they did something.

Our whole family, to this day, still feels that they had something to do with the disappearance of Hermes. He was so well-loved, for a community cat.

We now have a nice cat living with us. Cat welfare has helped us a lot by giving advices on raising the cat. This time, I introduced our cat to our pet loving neigbours downstairs and as many neighbours as we know so that they could help us keep a look out. Microchipping and tagging it with phone numbers is a great way too. I hope that more pet owners will take responsibility for their pets by letting them make as many friends as possible. Even feeders should make themselves known. I cannot bear to see another animal, suffer the same fate.

9/1/07 11:01 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I'm sorry to hear about Hermes. It is good though to keep your cat indoors if it is a home pet - sometimes all it takes is one unfriendly neighbour to lose your cat. Also, there are occasions when the cat may be genuinely causing a problem but the owner may not know about it. Instead of speaking with you, some people will take matters into their own hands.

9/1/07 11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What will it take to stop AVA from using our taxes to pander to these private property owners with free loan of trap (the manpower to deliver the trap, the cost of transport and the cost of killing the cat at AVA)!?
Emails to AVA objecting to this are just rebutted with HDB-type of template replies!!

10/1/07 7:34 AM  

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