Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I spoke to the caregiver in this case this morning because she wanted to file cruelty charges against her neighbour. Basically the cat went missing on Saturday and the same cat was turned into AVA on Tuesday. Now this cat is very friendly and she suspects that they may have caught the cat and kept it indoors. This may very well be the case but she can't prove it and I told her that's the problem. I said that there is no way to show the cat did not walk into the trap. She got quite upset and said that she did not see the trap baited and there is no way the cat would have walked in. I asked if she could see the trap the entire time. She said that it was in the house for a while because they were transferring the cat in. I asked her if this was what she suspected or what she saw. She said it was the former.

I told her that for example if I have an argument with my neighbour on a Saturday and he disappears and turns up dead on a Tuesday, it's suspicious. The police may investigate but that doesn't mean I'm going to be found guilty if there is no proof and I have an alibi. The caregiver said that was completely different, because that's murder and this is cruelty, and I told her it was not, both needed proof. She got upset and said since there was nothing to be done, that she just wanted to keep me informed since there was nothing I could do.


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