Monday, January 22, 2007

RC Event

RC Event
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This is the RC event I spoke at yesterday. Not many people came for the event except a few people who wanted to volunteer, and someone who reads this blog and came all the way down from Sembawang. Thank you!

One of the ladies who helped get us down was a bit disappointed - she hoped the caregivers in the area might come down. I told her that I think they rarely come for events like this in my experience. It's more likely to be attended if someone they know who also cares for cats organises something.

The sound system unfortunately did not work for the DVD as well so I couldn't play the TNR video. It was also quite noisy.

It was still quite good though - since I was on the main stage, I noticed some people who weren't sitting in the audience area were listening. When I mentioned how many cats are killed in Singapore every year, I noticed a few teenagers looked quite shocked. If people retain one or two things from the talk, that's good enough.


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