Monday, January 29, 2007

Spot the cat

Spot the cat
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I saw this cat outside the shop of the woman who had been complained about. She has two cats in her shop but she lets them walk about on occasion and she also has some community cats.

She had some trouble trapping some cats so I'll loan her a cat trap.

I advised her though to please not leave food outside. She said that she cleaned up every morning, but I said that leaving food overnight was not a good idea. She was worried the cats might get hungry. I told her that it might attract cockroaches and the like, and that people would complain. She said that all animals needed to eat and her food was gone - I said the problem was that people would not blame her, they'd blame the cats (for presumably leaving food around)!

She said that she had told her neighbours if they had any problems to let her know and she just had a big argument with the management. She agreed no one would approach her directly. I said if she could help tidy the area and also not leave food around, PLUS get the rest of the cats sterilised, it would help tremendously.


Anonymous ej said...

So she agreed to clear the leftover food and not leave them overnight?

Good, she is getting the cats for sterilisation.

29/1/07 7:00 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

She said she would - I hope she will. I think if the food is left out overnight as I told her, people can claim that she doesn't see the problems it causes. In the day, the can't say that and she can keep an eye on the food. She usually clears only the NEXT morning by which time she says all the food is gone.

29/1/07 7:16 PM  
Anonymous autumnpiglet said...

If the cats are eating during the day, they won't get hungry at night. And if they do get hungry, they'll just come by the next morning for food.

Not much point for her to leave the food overnight. It really does attract vermin and gives caregivers a bad rep.

30/1/07 9:00 AM  

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