Saturday, January 20, 2007

Talkback on Monday morning

NewsRadio 93.8's Talkback on Monday morning is going to be about "How do we build stronger community ties in our HDB estates?"

While this isn't directly about cats, some of you have told of how cats make your community stronger or allow you to get to know your neighbours. I personally think cats also help to build a sense of 'home' - home is much more than brick and mortar, important as they are. That's just a building. A home is somewhere you belong to - and animals certainly help with that. Phone lines open at 8:10 am and the number to call is 66 911 938 or you can email


Anonymous AutumnPiglet said...

Totally agree with you Dawn.

I've always said that my home is where my pets are. As long as they are with me, I am home.

22/1/07 8:52 AM  

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