Thursday, January 11, 2007

The urine is only on the canopy

I just spoke with a woman whose number a TC officer passed to me. The complaint was that her cat had been urinating on the canopy and the complainant wanted the cat to remain in the flat.

I called the woman up and spoke with her. She got quite upset and said she was very careful with her cats and that since the last time the officer had spoken to her, she had decided to keep a closer eye on her cats. She said it was not fair that people were complaining about her cats especially when other people were allowed to have dogs. She also said that there were community cats downstairs so they could not blame her cat.

I pointed out that community cats generally do not walk up twelve floors to urinate, but more importantly that we did not want her cats to be caught. I said that even if the cats are not the cats causing the problems, they are very visible and if the complainant chooses to continue to complain, this may well put her cats in jeopardy - not to mention the community cats downstairs. She asked if the cat had gone into someone's home. I said that as far as I knew, the complaint was about urination on the canopy.

The woman said it was not fair. She said she didn't see a problem. She felt that the canopy could always be washed so the complainant should have no reason to object. She also said the canopy was not in his house. However, she finally agreed to keep her cat in so as to keep it safe. I hope she keeps to her word.

At the end of the day, it's also about being considerate. Yes it would be best if the complainant had spoken with her, but at the same time, no one likes urine outside their home - whether it be dog, cat or human. If she could spare a thought for her neighbours' feelings, and they could do the same, it would be a much nicer living space for all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting. Perhaps some people feel urine should be deposited only in approved places. Others, perhaps less fussy, urine is ok in areas where it could be washed.
If cats could be trained to urinate/defecate in approved places, it would cut down on a LOT of complaints.
I had a fine-granite play-pit in the garden intended for my child and our 2 cats claimed it for their toilet facility. Surprisingly it worked out well as cat litter. The rain (or you could hose it) washed the urine off granite chips (dry fast too & no dust)& dry waste is usually buried & removed later the same day. My then-neighbours (we had a handkerchief-sized garden) did not mention "smell" at all. Could TCs be persuaded to build toilet facility for the block cats?
Hahahhahaaaa.......... yes, then who would pick up poo of cats that are not "yours"??
Yes, it is better not to think that home dogs and community cats need toilet facilities... the grassy areas, staircase, corridor etc would do... and complaints would continue.

12/1/07 11:16 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Exactly Anonymous - who would pick up the urine for cats that aren't yours? :)

We do have some volunteers who set up sand trays for the community cats to stop problems of urination and defecation.

12/1/07 11:43 AM  

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