Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What is a caregiver?

We received an email today from one of the TCs. The caregiver had written in because she had two families that did not want to sterilise their pet cats despite the volunteers speaking with them - they suspect these are the people dumping cats in the neighbourhood. In addition, one of them had a cat that just had a litter.

She wrote in to the TC to say that she wished to complain about these two families. It was agreed that there might be times when the TC might need to step in.

However it seems the TC is not very happy about this. I'm not sure exactly why. It was mentioned that this was not the way to deal with caregivers. I'm not sure if they meant that the caregivers are the actual caregivers or the pet owners. I have written in to clarify.

If it is the latter, then there is a serious misunderstanding. Just because someone owns cats, does not make them a caregiver. In fact if they are irresponsible owners, they can cause a huge amount of problems to the caregivers. In this area for example the caregiver mentioned to me that all the good they have achieved through sterilisation is being chipped away because more cats are being dumped and it is due to people refusing to sterilise their own pet cats and the dumping the offspring.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An adopter raised an interesting question recently. The 'foster' who has cared for the 1-2yr old cat since kittenhood is posting the cat for adoption. Is she not the 'owner' then, the adopter wants to know.

I do not think it is the "term" that bothered her. I do see her point. I think the adopter would make a good adopter - if she adopts a cat, it will probably be "for life".

Of course there are changes in the life that makes adoption of adult cats necessary - death, lack of financial resources etc. As far as i can tell, this does not appear to be the case.

If you have no intention of giving up the cat, you are an owner.
If you intend to give up the cat at some pt in the future, you are a foster.
Is that correct?

Now Dawn has brought up another pt.
Some people who own cats may not be responsible care-givers. And some care-givers who do not own any cats - are responsible for some cats.

If i am a cat, i wish for someONE to care for me during my lifetime & be responsible for me at all times.

23/1/07 9:12 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous I guess it's hard to say - most fosters don't keep cats that long though. Some fosters obviously become adopters too. It's hard to draw the line sometimes but I am suprised she only put the cat up for adoption a year later.

some people for example can have a cat for years and still say it is a 'stray'. At what point does it become your cat?

I agree though - it's not the term, it's how the cat is treated and every cat wants to have someone who will love and care for it (as do we all).

23/1/07 11:51 PM  

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