Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A bad estate

I spoke to Veganmeowie this morning. She heard that there were some cats from a neighbouring area that were in danger of being caught. She walked around last night and met someone who is looking after one cat there as she was trying to warn them of the trapping that may be happening.

I just spoke to the man she met last night. We spoke for almost an hour about the problems in the estate. It seems that there are at least three people feeding, but none of them are sterilising. He said that there is food left all over. The population is growing, and the number of cat fights is getting worse because the colony of one of the feeders is fighting with a second colony over territory. I asked how many sterilised cats there are and there are two.

He said that in addition there is a family that likes to bring cats in from another area and keep them for a while. Once the cats get older they dump them. One of the women in the estate arranges food delivery to her place and then she distributes food to everyone else but no one is sterilising. He said that the woman complained that her favourite sterilised cat had been caught once so she never bothered to sterilise after that. I asked if she had called the TC or the AVA and it seemed that she did not.

I explained to the man that the TC has no idea whom the feeders are in the area unless they are told. Even if they want to say return the cat, whom do they return it to? What if the cat is causing the nuisance?

The man said that another problem is that the feeders only like to feed their 'favourites' - ie they have cats that are theirs and whom they love but they're not interested in the rest of the cats. The rest of the cats are in pretty bad shape as well. He said some of them are quite ill.

He has offered to speak with the feeders, all of whom he knows and will explain sterilisation and the programme to them and see what they say. He was a bit reluctant to speak with the TC though as he says he has a bit of a history with them. He says though he's not very hopeful the feeders will listen. I offered to come and speak with them and to hold a workshop too if there is any interest.



Anonymous Pink Panthers said...

Hi! My Friends and I are doing a project for school and we are wondering where the Cat Welfare Society is located. If you can could you tell us the address please? thanks
This is the contact

28/2/07 11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think it would be a good idea to hold a talk if possible. the feeders may not listen to one of their own but if an outsider weighs in, they may listen. sounds like the feeders are swayed primarily by emotion and need serious help.

28/2/07 12:15 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Or they may be suspicious of an outsider. I think it's good to let this person suss out the general feeling first and see how to work from there.

28/2/07 12:38 PM  

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